Pop Art

  Pop Art is art based on modern popular things. Andy Warhols art is considered pop art because of all the color and textures he uses on a popular object. His work is very colorful but nice and put together it’s not too much. I chose Andy because his art stood out, the colors being […]


A jpeg file is a lossy raster format. It compresses the image to make the file smaller. This type of file is the one most used in images. A raw file is the one that contains all the uncompressed and unprocessed image data. That was captured by the sensors of a digital camera or scanner. […]

Camera Modes

Automatic modes automatically select the shutter speed and the iso. This mode will always give you nice results in many shootings. Portrait Mode the camera automatically selects a larger aperture. This means it helps the background out of focus. Macro mode lets you take nice close-up pictures. Tripods are very useful with this mode. Landscape […]

Conceptual Portrait

Conceptual is using objects or things to describe or show something. My photo shows the 2 main important things being Starbucks and cheer. I chose these two because I feel like they’re the ones that most describe me. I always have Starbucks and I’m always at cheer so I thought they would really represent me. […]